When will my order be shipped?
Orders placed during weekday hours will be shipped within 3 days. Orders placed during weekend/holiday hours will be shipped the following 3 business days.

How will I know when my order has been shipped?
Once it’s done, I will send an email confirming the shipment with a tracking number.

How long does the delivery typically take?
I ship all my packages via Latvian Postal Service, so delivery will take 2-3 days to process and:

2—3 additional days to arrive at your door (Latvia);
3—7 additional days to arrive at your door (EU);
7—14 additional days to arrive at your door (rest of the world).

What if my print comes damaged? 
I try to avoid any possibility of mishandling by the post staff by sending prints in hard cardboard tubes with their openings sealed with tape. Therefore the print inside is pretty safe from harm. In case if you do receive it damaged, please contact me and I'll send you another print free of charge.

What's the best place to frame my print?
If you're located in Riga, I'd recommend using Fine Art Print (https://fineartprint.lv/) services. They are true masters of their craft.